• Our Personal Trainers work one on one with you.

  • Innovative techniques proven to work

  • Certified trainers give you safe and effective workouts

  • Get the help you need to reach your fitness goals

Our personal trainers are certified and well versed in training techniques for a variety of fitness levels and focuses. 

Why Purchase Personal Training?

Have you known people who work out regularly, but never seem to get in shape? A personal trainer will design a more efficient workout to meet your specific fitness goals. Your personal trainer can develop a routine that will provide you the maximum results for the minimum time.

To really benefit from exercise,  you must create a plan. Your personal trainer will design a smart workout routine for you targeting specific muscles for desired definition and building.

Hiring a personal trainer means both a financial commitment and a time commitment to your health and fitness.

But with that investment you get a sound piece of mind that what you are doing for your workouts is designed just for you. Personal training can help you:

  • Start Right and Keep going!. A personal trainer can lead you down a healthy path to a more fit you by creating a specific exercise routine tailored to your needs, and helping you maintain it!
  • Learn proper technique and form. If you’re not doing exercises the right way, it can lead to injury that can stop your progress. By doing things safe and efficiently, you’re getting the best results from your workout.
  • Achieve your goals!  In the end it’s about seeing the change in your life and body! If you’ve always wanted to lose that last bit of weight, get more lean and toned, or just be a healthier person don’t go at it along! A personal trainer can help you meet those goals!

Even a few sessions with a personal trainer can be worthwhile. So why not try one today!


Core Fitness also offers, Bio assessment of your body composition using state of the art techniques. So even if you’re on your path to a healthier you our personal training team can measure you now and help to measure you later to assist with keeping track of your progress. Contact one of the person trainers today to find out about setting up a bio assessment.



What are we doing right?  What could we be doing better?  This information goes directly to the head personal trainer and owners.  It may be shared with your trainer.  None of the information you provide will be published or shared with any other party without your permission.  If you would like management to not use your name when passing information along to your trainer please indicate so.  Your feedback is appreciated and success stories are welcomed!

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